CYPRUS: 2nd place in Europe in conducting tests (TABLE)

Untitled drawing 68 1 Cyprus, coronavirus test

in the 2η Cyprus is ranked among 29 European countries in terms of laboratory tests per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the European Center for Infection Control and Prevention (ECDC). In recent data of the ECDC, records the increased number of tests carried out in Cyprus, compared to other European countries, highlighting the great effort made since the beginning of the pandemic for epidemiological control in the community.

Cyprus, following the guidelines of the ECDC, has from the beginning supported its strategy for the management of the coronavirus pandemic in the increased laboratory tests targeted both at specific population groups and in the community.

Testing per 100000 population Cyprus, coronavirus test

Initially, by conducting control programs on employees, sectors / sectors of the economy, closed and other structures, etc., with the method of molecular examination (PCR) and, subsequently, utilizing the antigen rapid test, it aims at continuous epidemiological surveillance of the population and the timely detection and isolation of positive cases, reducing the transmission of the virus.

According to the ECDC, the implementation of the practice for increased testing in the community in combination with the measures and the health protocols in force in the States, contributes to the reduction of epidemiological indicators and allows the steady de-escalation of restrictions.