Cyprus: Fines increase from £ 35 to € 3.400 for the sale of alcohol to minors

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The two bills, which concern the sale of alcohol to minors, provide for an increase in fines, as well as an increase in the age limit for those entitled to buy alcoholic beverages from 17 to 18.

The two draft laws were re-examined today by the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs, following suggestions by MPs Charalambos Theopemptos and Michalis Giorgallas.

The two proposals provide for an increase in the extrajudicial fine for those who sell alcohol to minors from 35 pounds to 3.400 euros, as well as provide for a prison sentence of up to 6 months.

In addition, the specific draft laws are expected to be put to the next session before the members for a position, while then they are expected to be submitted to the Plenary for a vote.

In his statements after the session, the MP of the Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation, Charalambos Theopemptou, said that the draft laws were discussed for the last time and are expected to proceed to the Plenary for a vote.

As he said "at the moment there is a big problem among the youth, in relation to alcohol", noting that according to the investigations of the Anti-Drug Council, Cyprus is the 3rd country in alcohol consumption among the students in an outing.

He added that the state should reconsider its policy, adding that "there are excellent suggestions, which have been prepared by the policy approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Anti-Drug Council and should be implemented at some point."

The MP of the Solidarity Movement, Michalis Giorgallas, said that "our intention with the bill we submitted is to open the debate, in order to find solutions and reduce the scourge of child alcoholism", to add that "according to data that have been submitted "In the past, in the Education Committee, we seem to have a serious problem with the ages of students who have access to and consume alcohol."

He noted that "in recent years it seems that these ages are moving down, that is, younger and younger students are consuming excessive alcohol to the point that in our schools the phenomenon of child alcoholism is observed."

"We know that our proposal will not solve the problem radically. We put our own stone and with satisfaction we see that the cycle of this discussion has opened and already from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it was stated in today's session that a comprehensive bill is being prepared, to change the law for the sale of alcoholic beverages, in order to address all these issues. "The phenomena of youth and child alcoholism arise and create", he noted.

DISY MP, George Karoullas, said that the state must formulate an effective indicator of protection of youth against alcohol dependence.

He added that his party is in favor of changing the age limit for alcohol consumption from 17 to 18 years, adding that at the same time "we are working for a comprehensive settlement of the issue, so that identification is required when entering any nightclub leisure, for the purchase of alcohol and consumption within a place that sells alcohol ".

AKEL MP, George Georgiou, said that the Interior Committee has accepted the proposals of the Addiction Treatment Authority and at the same time called the Ministry of Interior, which since 2015 unfortunately has not submitted a comprehensive legislation on this issue, as proceed immediately to consultation and submission of a specific bill.

The complaints of the Police do not exceed 50

At the same time, Mr. Georgiou said that the Committee on the Interior found that the complaints of the Police in recent years do not exceed 50 in total, regarding the illegal sale of beverages under the age of 17.

"We are particularly exposed as a country. "We are against the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the European Union itself, and therefore the state, the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must immediately proceed with the implementation of the law and the submission of this bill," he said.

He said the Home Affairs Committee would proceed to the next session to finalize the bill so that it could be voted on and coordinated with the WHO and the EU to protect young children from the illicit sale of alcohol.

Asked if the points of sale of alcoholic beverages will be reduced, he said that this is expected to be done by the specific bill, which will be submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"What we are trying to do is send a message to the ministry and the government that they must finally assume their responsibilities," he said.

Source: philenews