CYPRUS: 9% reduction in air passenger traffic in December

On average in the European Union passenger flights decreased by 24%

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Cyprus was the country with the third smallest decrease (9% decrease) in passenger flights in December 2021, compared to December 2019, ie before the pandemic, according to data released by Eurostat, its statistical office. The European Union.

On average in the European Union passenger flights decreased by 24% between December 2019 and December 2021, although there was a rapid increase (130% increase) compared to December 2020.

The total number of flights in the EU in December 2021 was 383 thousand 720 flights, compared to 166 thousand 990 flights in December 2020 and 504 thousand 270 flights in December 2019.

The aviation industry continues to recover gradually during 2021 according to Eurostat. Although in the first months of 2021 there was no recovery (in January passenger traffic was reduced by 68% compared to 2019, in February 73%, in March 71% and in April 70%), the situation began to change. next months.

In May passenger traffic was reduced by 67% compared to 2019 and continued to recover in June (when it was reduced by 54%) and August (when it was reduced by 31%).

After a slight drop in September to a decrease of 33% compared to 2019, passenger traffic continued to recover in October (down by 30%), November (down by 26%) and December (down by 24%), which was also the month in which flights came closer to pre-pandemic levels.

The Member States with the lowest levels of passenger flight reductions were Croatia (6% decrease compared to December 2019), Greece (8% decrease) and Cyprus (9% decrease).

The largest reductions were recorded in the Czech Republic and Austria (in both cases a decrease of about 41%), while in the other countries the decrease is less than about 33%.

Overall in 2021, the strongest signs of recovery compared to the whole of 2019 were recorded in Greece (decrease of 29%), followed by Cyprus (decrease of 38%) and Luxembourg (decrease of 39%).

Ireland, on the other hand, showed the lowest levels of recovery (as the decline moved to 64%), followed by Slovenia and the Czech Republic (both down 62%).

Also, some EU airports recorded an increase in the number of passenger flights compared to 2019. The largest increases were recorded at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (increase of 13 thousand 521 flights or 16%), Liege (increase of 6 thousand 972 flights or 21 %) and Le Bourget Paris (increase of 2 thousand 715 flights or 8%).

The largest reductions in the number of passenger flights were recorded at the major air hubs, namely in Munich (reduction of 261 thousand 020 or 64%), Frankfurt (reduction of 250 thousand 712 flights or 49%) and Charles de Gaulle in Paris (reduction of 247 thousand 959 flights or 50%).