Boat with 13 Syrian migrants in Rizokarpaso

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Following the Assad regime's airstrikes on Turkish troops in Idlib, Syria, and Turkey's announcement that it would no longer deter Syrian migrants trying to cross into Europe, Syrian migrants from Turkey began arriving in Cyprus.

Specifically, according to the newspaper Kıbrıs Postası (01/03/20) and the GTP review, 13 Syrian migrants, including women and children, who left the port of Mersin with fishing boats in order to go to "southern Cyprus", As the Republic of Cyprus is called, they were arrested by the occupying authorities off the coast of Rizokarpaso for entering the pseudo-state illegally.

The Syrian migrants were brought before the "provincial court" of the occupied Famagusta, which issued a decree for their three-day detention. The captain of the fishing boat and his assistant are wanted by the pseudo-police.

Source: SigmaLive