What is the explanation for the order of candidates on the Archdiocesan ballot?

The ballot for the Archdiocesan Elections of December 18 has already begun to be printed

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Printing has already begun on the ballot paper for the Archdiocesan Elections of December 18, which is already at the Government Printing Office.

Speaking to Protoselidos, the General Superintendent of the Archdiocesan Elections, Yiannis Charilaou, said that the printing of the ballots started the day before yesterday.

He explained that in the archdiocesan elections citizens will only be able to vote with their identity card. “What we have been allowed to use on polling day is the ID number, it will not be allowed with a voter book. We should have the identity card with us."
Asked if they had data on how many people wanted to be removed from the electoral rolls, he said that from the first day they had some complaints which came mainly through the Ministry of the Interior.

"No one was forbidden to express their position and be removed from the electoral roll. All together may approach 100 people. The bottom line is this, we want to respect the will and the conviction and the principles and what even one citizen wants, it is not the number. We had to do some procedures that would give anyone the opportunity to express their own position. But on the other hand, it is a deadline for us to proceed with the work that has been assigned to us."

Regarding the order in which the nominations were placed on the ballot, he said that it is based on the seniority of the thrones, as it is in the Synod. "We emphasized the name of the Metropolis and the name of the hierarch" said Mr. Harilaou in closing.