When does the Pfizer pill arrive in Cyprus - Coverage for 15 thousand citizens

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The arrival of Pfizer's antiviral tablet is expected in Cyprus in mid-February, said to KYPE the Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Elena Panayotopoulou, who stated that this pill, called Paxlovid, will cover the treatment of more than 15 thousand patients.

According to Dr. Panayotopoulou is the second antiviral pill to be received by Cyprus, which according to the manufacturer, is up to 90% effective in preventing hospitalization and preventing deaths from coronavirus, for patients belonging to high-risk groups.

It is noted that according to the latest laboratory data, the drug maintains its effectiveness against the Homicron mutation.

As clarified by Dr. Panagiotopoulou Paxlovid was one of the two drugs approved by the Commission for EMA (CHMP) human emergency medicine with the procedure of emergency for early use, in light of the rapid spread of the Omicron mutation and the growing infection rates and deaths due to the disease COVID-19, across the EU, and noted that it is the first of two to be licensed.

For the other medicinal product, Molnupiravir 200mg hard capsules, which is already available in Cyprus, Ms. Panagiotopoulou said that she has only received approval from Coreper and that it has not yet been licensed.

When is it expected in Cyprus

Asked when Cyprus will receive it, Dr. Panagiotopoulou said that the arrival of Paxlovid is expected in February and possibly in the 3rd or 4th week.

He stressed that once secured in Europe, it will be secured in Cyprus automatically.

Large quantities were ordered

Answering a relevant question, Dr. Panagiotopoulou said that large quantities have been ordered, noting that the quantity that Cyprus will receive will cover the treatment of more than 15 thousand patients.
He also mentioned that this drug has excellent results, however, he noted that there are many contraindications, as there are many interactions in combination with other drugs.

He stressed that this pill can not be administered to pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as to people with liver and kidney failure.

For the interactions in combination with other drugs, he stated that the manufacturer will create a website, where every doctor will have access and will be informed about the interactions.

Prescription by Staff and Specialists

The Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health stated that the Pfizer pill will be prescribed by personal physicians and other specialties, through the OAY system.

In addition, he said that citizens will only get it from hospital pharmacies.

The protocol is already being prepared

He also told KYPE that an Ad Hoc Committee has been set up in Cyprus, which defines the protocols and which has already started the preparation of the protocol for Paxlovid.

According to Dr. Panayotopoulou this protocol will guide doctors in relation to prescribing and what to look out for during this procedure.

At 125 Molnupiravir treatments, no reports of side effects

Regarding the release of Molnupiravir in Cyprus, he said that to date 125 treatments with Molnupiravir have been given since the day of its release.

According to Ms. Panagiotopoulou, no reports of side effects have been reported so far.

End of February and Novavax in Cyprus

Asked when the Novavax protein vaccine is expected in Cyprus, the Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services said that it is expected at the end of February, as in the rest of Europe.

It is noted that like other vaccines, Nuvaxovid is expected to prepare the body to defend itself against infection. The vaccine contains microscopic particles of a laboratory version of the protein found on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 (spike protein (S)).

It also contains an "adjuvant", a substance that helps boost the immune response to the vaccine.
When a person is given the vaccine, their immune system will recognize the protein particles as foreign and produce natural defenses - antibodies and T cells - against them.

If, later, the vaccinated person comes in contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the immune system will recognize the spike protein in the virus and be ready for attack.

Antibodies and immune system cells can protect against disease COVID-19 killing the virus through synergy, preventing it from entering the body's cells and destroying infected cells.