Karagiannis warns: "I will say it in Cypriot, we are burned…" (VIDEO)

"If it is the Indian executive, things will be doubly difficult this time"

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The increase of cases in Cyprus was commented on the Front Page by the member of the Advisory Scientific Committee, Professor of Microbiology / Molecular Virology of the Medical School of the University of Nicosia, Dr. Petros Karagiannis.

At first he expressed the hope that the thing has not already escaped. "For some days now, I have had the impression that something was slowing down as long as the cases did not fall further and there were strong ups and downs. It seems that now with the opening of the economy and various activities that many people meet and because many of us have relaxed in his favor properly, resting that we have been vaccinated which is the biggest mistake. The virus shows us its teeth once again and we must limit the transmission as soon as possible. "If it is the Indian executive, things will be doubly difficult this time."

Regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines against the Delta mutation, he said that "mrna and AstraZeneca vaccines cover 90% of all variants at the moment, but one must be vaccinated with both doses. If it is only with the first dose, the protection is 30-35%. Therefore we as Cyprus have about 45% of people who have done both installments. Up to 62% who have taken the first dose, a percentage that is only one-third protected. "If we look at the numbers, only 51% are fully protected."

He noted that "there must be an increase in vaccination coverage if we are to stop the virus. "Where we waited for the wave to start in the fall, probably if it starts now, I will say it in Cypriot, we got burned, in the middle of the summer season".

Source: Sigmalive