Caution - Closed and dangerous roads in areas of Cyprus

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Closed to traffic due to work will be throughout the weekend, part of Makarios Avenue, Nicosia, according to a statement from the Police.

Specifically due to asphalt paving works, the road will remain closed from 7 p.m. today, until 5 p.m. of Monday 31/1/2022.

The section of Makarios Avenue, which will be closed for traffic, extends from the photo-controlled junction of the avenue with Aglantzias Avenue, to its junction with Drama Street.

Drivers heading to the center of Nicosia, are encouraged to use Armenia Avenue, while drivers heading to the exit of the capital are asked to use Agias Paraskevi Street.

Drivers moving on Kennedy Avenue, to the city center, to use Karpenisiou Street, while those heading to the Nicosia - Limassol highway, to use Agias Paraskevi Street.

In the mountainous areas, due to the prevailing weather conditions, the roads are closed for traffic:

Prodromou - Troodos

Pedoula - Prodromou

Pedula - Pinewood - Kakopetrias

Prodromou - Platron

The roads are ONLY open for vehicles equipped with anti-skid chains and all-wheel drive:

Platron - Troodos

Karvouna - Troodos

Papoutsas - Agios Theodoros

Pedoula - Kykkou - Kambou

Kakopetrias - Karvouna

In the rest of the mountainous areas the roads are open to all vehicles, however due to frost they have become very slippery and dangerous.

Police recommend special attention to those who travel on the road network of mountainous areas, while drivers are called to move at a safe, low speed, to maintain a safe distance from oncoming vehicles, and to give priority to other passing drivers where necessary.

In general, those who will travel on the road network, are required to comply with traffic signals and comply with the traffic code to avoid road accidents.