Google's problems with CovScan checks - Upset

In some mobiles the certificate appears as invalid and in some others as valid

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The SafePass possession checks started yesterday, Monday, with problems, through the CovScan Cyprus application, which is applied voluntarily and on a pilot basis at this stage, until November 22, when it will become mandatory. 

As the Secretary General of the Pancyprian Retail Association, Marios Antoniou, told SigmaLive, technical problems arose.

In particular, Google has recently upgraded its software to version 11, with the result that on some mobiles the certificate appears as invalid and on others as valid.

The app, which was prepared before Google's upgrade, was not tested in version 11, with the Department of Innovation identifying the problem and asking Google to approve the fix.

According to Mr. Antoniou, the Association sent a letter to the State Department regarding the problem that arose.

He noted that there was a disturbance yesterday as most of the time, the certificates of the consumers who visited the premises of the retail trade, appeared as invalid.

Source: sigmalive