PTD: What he has said so far about naturalizations - His deposition is in progress

The President of the Republic is currently presenting to the inquiry committee on naturalizations - What he has said so far

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Answers to what is attributed to him in relation to the program of exceptional naturalization, gave the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, who is currently testifying before the Research Committee, for the exceptional naturalization of foreign investors and businessmen.

The President of the Republic was invited by the members of the Committee, Myronas Nikolatos, Dimitra Kalogirou, Kyriakos Kyriakou and Pavlos Ioannou, to answer for his own involvement both in the capacity of the highest official and in his personal capacity in the exceptional naturalizations of foreigners. investors.

More specifically, President Anastasiadis gave answers in relation to his law firm, saying that since his election he was alienated from his law firm and left completely in 2013.

He noted that eight applications for naturalization were approved before he took office and 57 after he took office.

He added that the percentage of applications, which were approved by his law firm after he took over, did not increase.

Asked if there were any naturalizations linked to companies of his relatives, President Anastasiadis spoke directly, saying that the construction company of his son-in-law Giannis Misirlis had been operating for ten years before he became his son-in-law.

Asked if his son-in-law is a shareholder in the company that owns the Ayia Napa Marina, from which executives and shareholders were naturalized, the President replied that he does not know and cannot know all of his son-in-law's activities.

In relation to the case of the Saudi businessman, Mr. Anastasiadis clarified that he has never been a lawyer of this businessman.

He added: "According to the documents of the Ministry of Finance, instead of the minimum amount of six investors, they had to buy a property worth 15 million euros. He invested about 20 million. And because the Auditor remarked - many things were said - that he was helped for this and offered hospitality and an aircraft was given ".

He noted that after the Auditor's investigation, an investigation was requested by the Kalogiros Committee and no one found anything.

Regarding his trip to the Seychelles, he said that the trip was not made secretly, assuring that he knew the businessman and was related to him.

However, he noted that he did not have anything in return.

Asked who benefited from this friendship, President Anastasiadis said that the Saudi businessman gave 966 thousand euros, to add that due to their relationship he contributed another half a million.

He referred in detail to the amounts and submitted a list of the amounts contributed by the specific entrepreneur.

"How much can anyone hear? "Everybody gets starters?" He asked.

As he told the Commission, as a result of the deportation of the specific person, he submitted an application for renunciation of the passport.

"This is how we treat investors, in Wargaming, in the casino," he said.

The testimony of President Anastasiadis continues. President Anastasiadis is accompanied by the Government Spokesman, Kyriakos Kousios and the Director of his Office, Petros Dimitriou.

Source: KYPE