Eight-hour general strike by two unions in Italy over the budget

Protest over the content of the new state budget and lack of support for employees and retirees

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Two of Italy's largest unions (Cgil and Uil) went on an eight-hour general strike today. The mobilization is organized in protest of the content of the new state budget of the government of Mario Draghi, in particular the lack of support for workers and retirees. At the same time, the reform of the country's tax system is characterized as insufficient.

The country's third largest trade union, Cisl, is not participating in today's strike, arguing that - due to the critical phase of the country, due to the new coronavirus pandemic - the claims must be presented in a different way. All the productive sectors are on strike, with the exception of the sanitary sector (due to the state of emergency), the teachers - they went on strike on the 10th of the month - as well as the street cleaners and the workers in the garbage collection.

The central gathering, which will include speeches by Cgil and Uil officials, is being held in Rome. Gatherings will also take place in Bari (Puglia), Palermo (Sicily), Cagliari (Sardinia), as well as Milan. The central slogan of today's mobilization: "together for justice". The largest employee turnover is expected to be recorded in the field of rail links and urban transport. According to forecasts, even part of the police will take part in the strike.