Physiotherapists are going on a 4-hour work stoppage on Thursday

The Association reports that the practice followed by the OAU has been troubling physiotherapists for a year and a half

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The Pancypriot Association of Physiotherapists will go on strike for four hours on Thursday, June 8, from 9 am to XNUMX pm.

As stated in a statement by the Association, after the lack of response from the OAU in the last attempt to resolve the matter and the insubstantial intervention on the part of the Ministry of Health, it is forced to take measures that it does not wish, noting that if the matter does not take the path of resolution , the Association will go on a full-day strike on Thursday, June 15.

"Our goal has never been simply to increase the budget for physiotherapy but to correctly calculate the necessary units required to cover the real needs of the beneficiaries as they are formed every day and which we are unable as an industry to control," he says.

The Association also adds that the practice followed by OAU has been plaguing physiotherapists for a year and a half and shows a lack of respect for an industry of 900 contracted health professionals.

"We do not accept such treatment and neither should we pay for the wrong calculations or the reluctance of the organization to meet the real needs of the beneficiaries," the announcement concludes.

Source: KYPE