In these places the masks return - Ceiling at the price of the tests

In recent days there has been an increase in all epidemiological indicators,

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In the last few days, an increase has been recorded in all epidemiological indicators, as well as in the number of hospitalized patients. The increase in infections is due to variants BA.4, BA.5. and its evolutionary subspecies. The Ministry of Health reiterates its call for compliance with personal protection measures (mask, distance, hand hygiene) in order to prevent further deterioration of the epidemiological picture. Collective and individual responsibility has contributed greatly to tackling the pandemic. The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee evaluates the data daily and if deemed necessary measures will be taken to ensure Public Health.

Taking into account the above, the Council of Ministers decided:

(a) from 30 June 2022, the mandatory use of a protective mask by employees and customers in Pharmacies, clinical laboratories, as well as in persons visiting sampling points to be tested for the disease COVID-19.

  • It is reminded that employees and visitors over 12 years of age in hospitals, nursing homes, closed structures of vulnerable groups, outpatient clinics, clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation centers and public transport must wear a protective mask.
  • It is recommended to use a protective mask in places of co-creation (interiors, spaces of social events) in people who belong to the vulnerable groups of the population, and in people who associate with people at high risk.

b) from 30 June 2022, the reduction of the maximum charge price (ceiling) for molecular examination for SARS-COV-2 disease from 50 to 30 euros.

(c) from 4 July 2022, such as the maximum charge rate for self-tests for the disease COVID-19, is set at € 1,70 per piece.

  • It is reminded that the maximum charge price of the package of 5 self-diagnosis tests is 6 euros.

(d) the extension of all existing measures until 31 July 2022.