Throws masks and certificates - The country where all measures are abolished

"We say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we ​​knew before the coronavirus"

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Despite record cases and a growing number of hospitalizations, Denmark announced yesterday that it would lift all domestic restrictions against Covid-19 on February 1, judging that the vaccination coverage is sufficient in the face of the less serious Omicron variant.

"We are saying goodbye to the restrictions and welcoming the life we ​​knew before the coronavirus," Prime Minister Mete Frederiksen told a news conference.

"The widespread acceptance of the vaccination program has proven to be what we were thinking: a super weapon, which has given us a strong defense against the disease, which continues to exist," said the Danish head of government.

"That is why the government has decided that the coronavirus should no longer be considered a socially threatening disease," he added.

As of February 1, all restrictions currently in force at the national level, such as a health pass, the use of a mask or the premature closure of bars and restaurants, will be lifted.

Restrictions only when entering the country

The Danish government only wants to maintain, for an additional 4 weeks, certain restrictions on entry into the country, ie testing and / or quarantine, depending on the immunization regime.

In Denmark, self-isolation for 4 days will be "recommended", in case of a positive test, according to the National Health Authority. The use of the mask and the sanitary pass will be recommended for hospital visits.

With more than 46.000 new cases yesterday, the infection rate is particularly high in the country. "However, we have achieved the goal of separating the number of new cases from that of hospitalizations," said Health Minister Magnus Honike, who estimates that the epidemic will soon reach its peak.

Nearly 60% of the 5,8 million Danes have received a booster dose, one month earlier than the health authorities set, which estimates that 80% of the population is protected from severe forms of the disease.

The number of hospitalizations from covid has continued to increase in recent days and has exceeded 9.000 patients, but the health authorities believe that they can cope with the burden.

"Omicron 2 is more contagious"

"Omicron 2", as it is commonly called the coronavirus BA.2 variant, which has become dominant in Denmark, seems to be more contagious compared to BA.1, said today the Minister of Health, Magnus Honike .

"There is no evidence that subtype BA.2 causes more severe disease, but it must be more contagious," Honike told a news conference.

At the same time, the Danish Minister of Health stressed that the government has the support of the parliamentary majority to lift all restrictive measures against the pandemic next week.

The Nordic country eased restrictions two weeks ago after a month-long lockdown, allowing cinemas and music venues to reopen.