Implementing the new measures in anticipation of Christmas - What changes at work

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The new measures decided yesterday (21/12) by the Council of Ministers to reduce the outbreak of the coronavirus came into force on Wednesday.

Specifically, as of today, all employees who have completed their vaccination program against it Covid-19 or hold a disease certificate (lasting 180 days) are required to submit a negative laboratory test PCR or Rapid test for 7 days to enter their workplace.

It is clarified that the inspections will start after December 29. Employees have 7 days to go for a pcr or rapid test. Employees who received the booster / 3rd dose of vaccine are excluded.

At the same time, all citizens before visiting homes in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, it is recommended to perform a Rapid antigen test with a negative result.

Individuals who have received at least two doses of the vaccine may perform a self-test, while those who have not received any dose of the vaccine are advised to take a Rapid 48-hour Rapid Antigen Detection Test. It is reminded that the presence in homes is allowed with a maximum number of 20 people, including permanent residents and minors.

In addition, until January 6, 2022, in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, children aged 12-17 will be able to attend restaurants (including restaurants in malls and hotels), theaters, amphitheaters, cinemas, entertainment halls, indoor and outdoor stadiums, weddings and christenings with the presentation of a negative laboratory test PCR or Rapid test lasting 72 hours, provided that they are accompanied by a parent / guardian who has completed his vaccination program.