In Cyprus, two of the Joker's lucky 5s - How much did they win?

A super lucky person in Greece won 6,1 million euros

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In Thessaloniki the super lucky 6,1 million - In Cyprus two of the winners of the 2nd category of the Joker - See the table with the lucky tickets

By 6.156.959 euros, the owner of the lucky Joker ticket, which was played at an OPAP agency in Thessaloniki, is richer than today. At the same time, luck smiled on two people in Cyprus, since out of the 5 lucky tickets of the second category, 2 were played in our country.

Specifically, one of the lucky 5s was played in an agency in Larnaca and the other in Limassol, and each of them won the amount of €20.817,06.

See the table of lucky tickets:

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It is worth noting that the amount that will be shared by the lucky winners of the 1st category in the next draw of Pemba 12/01/2023 is at least €600.000.