JOKER: The super lucky man was found – He played 111 euros and won 6,5 million

Where the lottery was played

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In an agency of OPAP in Alexandroupoli, the golden ticket of the first category was filled in the Joker, which after Sunday's draw made its owner richer by 6,5 million euros.

According to OPAP's announcement, in order to guess the 5+1 lucky numbers, the lucky winner completed a total of 111 columns worth 111 euros.

In addition to the lucky ticket in the 1st category which wins the amount of €6.552.827,56, three lucky tickets were also found in the 2nd category which wins the amount of €100.000,00.

tzoker deltio tiopou Joker, lucky






These forms were completed in Trikala, Ilia and Lemnos.