Working meeting with the Ambassador of the State of Israel

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On Friday, June 24.06.2022, XNUMX, a working meeting was held at the University of Naples Paphos between the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Oren Anolik and the Rector and Administrative Authorities of the Foundation, represented by Mr. Pantelis Leptos, Vice President. and Prof. Panteli Sklia, Rector.

During the visit of the representative of the State of Israel, the authorities of the Foundation were given the opportunity to inform him about the more than ten years of diverse and multifaceted activity and contribution of the University of Naples to the academic community and the local and national society of the Republic of Cyprus. .

Special mention was made of the strengthening of the research activity and the production of new innovative applied knowledge through the participation in international research programs with the scientific community and collaborations with important scientific, academic and professional bodies and continuous contribution to the scientific dialogue in the field of Higher Education.

There was also a more specific briefing of the Ambassador on the constructive cooperation in the research and educational process between the University of Neapolis Paphos and the Tel-Hi College of Israel for development and operation Joint Simulation Center for the fight against Psychological Trauma funded by the Ministry of Regional Cooperation of the State of Israel as well as for the arrival of the prominent prof. Ben D. Purple in the Department of History, Politics and International Relations in his capacity as International Course Lecturer of the Israel Institute in Washington, DC, as a lecturer in the International Relations and Security Programs of the University.

Extensive information was also provided on the development perspective and strategic planning of the University of Naples Paphos with the aim of connecting the Curricula and its student community with the labor market, adapting to the new conditions of 4IR and being at the forefront of knowledge with existing , but also new fields of study and Curricula, through its establishment and operation Neapolis Eco Smart City.