Meeting of the Minister Health and POFEN for the management of coronavirus cases in students

What was said at the meeting between the Minister of Health and student representatives

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The management of coronavirus cases in Cyprus, especially among the youth and students, and the handling of incidents among those studying abroad, were the focus of POFEN's meeting with the Minister of Health this morning at the Ministry. There will be other meetings and POFEN undertook to help as much as possible in informing the young people that the fun can be done, but it can be done responsibly.

The President of POFEN Maria Tziamali said that the Minister was briefed on the situation in universities and among young people and added that the Organization sends a clear message to both students and society that the days are critical and not magic. what happens between young people and students.
"As POFEN we are able to support the Ministry for informing all students and raising their awareness, so that we can control the situation that exists," he said.

Answering a question, he said that the protocols of the universities cover to a great extent the measures decided by the Government and as student groups have already canceled several events and general assemblies and in the coming days, in cooperation with the Ministry, will publish information material on a better information and awareness of students.

The meeting also discussed how students abroad are managed, who may become ill and unable to receive treatment in the countries where they study.

"Together with the epidemiological team with which we had a first meeting today, we will build a team of doctors to support our students abroad who need hospitalization so that we do not have to bring them back to Cyprus for treatment," he said.

He clarified that initially the goal is to create a group centrally to contact doctors in the countries with Cypriot students, so that, if there is any problem, the student who will get sick to contact these doctors.
He stated that there is also the will to achieve the goal.

"We will work for the next three days, with the Ministry of Health and we have already booked meetings in the coming days and for tomorrow and we will be in constant contact and we know that if anything happens, there will be a process to help the student who will have "It is not yet official, but we believe that the process will be ready in a week at the most," he said.

Ms Tziamali said that there was essentially a group of doctors in the UK and a process during the quarantine period, through the Foreign Ministry, but this process was different for England because the situation there at that time was more critical.
"We will try to apply this model in other countries as well," he said.

Regarding the possibility of closing universities, he said that this does not exist in the sense of absolute lockdown and explained that already in TEPAK where there were cases, courses with physical presence were suspended and this will be done by other universities, if they have such a number of cases.

"Essentially an absolute lockdown, because we also had meetings with the rectors, it is not going to happen, we were told, but when there is a case in a department, classes with physical presence are suspended and everyone goes online for at least two weeks," he said.

Source: KYPE