Tatar: The decision to revoke passports is racist and without a legal basis

Reactions in the occupied territories to the decision of the Minister to revoke the passports of 'officials'

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Reactions from the entire political spectrum to the occupied territories were provoked by the decision of the Council of Ministers to revoke a total of 14 passports of the Republic of Cyprus by "officials" of the pseudo-state and members of the "Varosia Opening Committee", in response to Turkish provocations to change status of the enclosed city of Famagusta.

Turkish leader Ersin Tatar has said he rejects and condemns the decision, which he considers anachronistic, racist, human rights mistake, without a legal basis. "Making such a distinction between citizens is not something that can be accepted," he said.

In a statement-comment to the t / c "news agency", Mr. Tatar said that "our struggle will be transferred to other directions".

This is not an individual matter, he continued, saying that he personally has not used this passport for years and this decision does not affect him. "However, this is an issue that concerns our people, our community. If our people have received these passports, it is because of the conditions in which they live. In the various injustices we face, for travel and scholarship reasons ".

As he said, the passport is a right that arises from the fact that the Republic of Cyprus is a common democracy of "two peoples" and therefore asked for "respect for this right".

Mr. Tatar said that the Greek Cypriot side did not respond to the new vision and political decisions taken by the Turkish Cypriot side, but because it did not like the statements and actions of the Turkish Cypriot side, they canceled the passports, a stance that can not be approved anywhere in the world, he argued.

Speaking yesterday after the "cabinet meeting" and before Tatar's statements to the Turkish news agency "news agency", "Prime Minister" Ersan Saner described the decision as a hostile attitude, which should be reconsidered. They will evaluate, he added, this decision together with the "presidency".

"Party reactions"

The president of the Democratic Party and "minister of tourism and environment", Fikri Aataoglu, spoke about a mentality that leads to fanatical decisions and called on the Greek Cypriot leadership to think humanitarianly and peacefully. The "e / k leadership" - as he said - has been trying for half a century to rule with the same mentality of the usurper of the Republic of Cyprus since 1963 "and in this the international community has remained a spectator".

The EU, he argued, is learning well from Greek Cypriots, who think they can play their games, using human rights and freedoms.

Meanwhile, the decision on passports is a legal nonsense, said in a post on social media the president of RTK, Tufan Erhiurman. "Continue to deal with useless things on both sides politically," he added.

For his part, the chairman of the People's Party, Kudret Ozersay, said that the decision of the e / k leadership shows a weakness, arguing that the e / k could not block the steps taken in Varosi and because he was criticized by the opposition that he took effective and dissuasive countermeasures, he did it just to say 'here we did something, we did not remain silent', it is a move without any gravity.

In a post on MKD, Mr. Ozersay added that this decision does not move us forward but backwards both politically, legally and community-wise. He characterizes as correct the idea of ​​the return of the old inhabitants to Varosi on the basis of human rights, which today, however, is applied incorrectly and incompletely and considers - as he writes - that with this "cheap policy" the Greek Cypriot leadership can not be justified.

The president of the KKD, Cemal γιzgiγit, in his own post on the MKD referred to a decision taken by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus, which consists of E / k and concerns the cancellation of the passports of the Republic for some T / C. On both sides the issue of citizenship is being politicized, he added, "and this is a great sin for the people of this island."

They are trying, he continued, to perpetuate the separation and to continue the current status quo "and this last decision serves".

With this decision, Mr. Ozgiγit argued, the Greek Cypriot leadership is not only violating the principles of the Republic of Cyprus, but also human rights. "If necessary, we will transfer this injustice to the detriment of the Turkish Cypriots to the EU."

It has become a habit for everyone to play with the rights of the Turkish Cypriots whenever they want and the Greek Cypriot leadership will sooner or later learn to abandon the use of the Republic of Cyprus as a weapon against the Turkish Cypriots, said the president of the KKD.

"The passport of the Republic of Cyprus is not a blessing, it is a right and it cannot be ignored in order to fuel nationalism," he said.