The search for the child and the three missing immigrants has ended

Searches for the body of the 6-year-old child and the three migrants who abandoned the boat have been fruitless

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The investigations by the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (SRC) have ended to locate the body of the 6-year-old child who, according to his father, was thrown into the sea when he died during the trip to Cyprus, while he was on a boat with his family and others irregular immigrants. Searches to locate three migrants who left the boat in search of help were also unsuccessful.

Information from the KYPE states that the KSED began investigations from the first moment to locate the three men, who were on the same boat, which started from Syria on February 20, but they abandoned it with improvised structures and swam with the aim of going to land and to ask for help.

The investigations of the KSED both to locate the body of the child and of the three men were terminated yesterday morning after, as reported in the KYPE, "all hope of finding any person has been lost".

Earlier on Monday, the Police Spokesman, Christos Andreou, told KYPE that "the boat with a total of 36 illegal immigrants left Syria on February 20 and was detected by the radars of the Port and Maritime Police, 58 nautical miles off Larnaca. Members of the Port and Maritime Police went to the area where they spotted the boat, which was sailing unruly, in bad weather conditions and with enormous efforts, it was possible to pick up the migrants and transport them safely to land" and specifically to Larnaca, where they humanitarian aid was provided.

He added that "during a check of the migrants' information, there were four children on the papers of one family, however only three were found on the boat. Asked about the whereabouts of the fourth child, the father told the police that they started with the other people, by boat on February 20 from Syria, however, during the trip they ran out of food and fuel, causing the boat to sail unruly and in bad conditions. weather conditions with a big storm".

As Mr. Andreou said, "the father claimed that two days before the boat was found, one of his children, aged 6, had died, probably from starvation and suffering, as a result of which he threw him into the sea".

In response to a related question, he stated that "the father who claimed to have thrown his child into the sea has not been arrested".

It is noted that two other persons, who were on the boat, are being treated at the Nicosia General Hospital, one in a critical condition with hypernatremia, after drinking sea water because they had run out of water. The second person with dehydration and hyperglycemia".

After recording their information, the migrants were transferred to the Pournara First Reception Center in Kokkinotrimithia.

A 22-year-old person was arrested for the case, as the boat's navigator and for assisting immigrants to illegally enter the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

However, during the investigations and examinations of the Police, statements were taken from all those on board the boat, as a result of which the 22-year-old was re-arrested as a suspect for, among other things, murder, causing death by negligence and exposing a child to danger.

The young man was brought before the Larnaca District Court on Friday, March 1, which issued a detention order against him for eight days. The case is being investigated by the TAE of Larnaca.