Christiana Aristotelous is positive for the coronavirus

Channel upset - The presenter's post.

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Christiana Aristotle was infected with the coronavirus after a positive test she performed.

The presenter wanted to make it known herself through her post on social media, writing: “My turn came… after an examination I tested positive for the coronavirus. I am in quarantine and I am in constant communication with my doctor, I am fine and I hope to stay that way. Everyone around me has been tested and is in good health. So from today I will not be on the show. While the shooting for New Year's Eve will be filmed at a later stage ".

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There is a disturbance in Alpha as, according to our information later today, the recording for the channel's New Year's show would take place, which would be presented by the one, which of course was postponed for the time being.

As we know, today 's and tomorrow' s show "With love Christiana" will not air.