DISY, AKEL and EDEK confrontation over Presidential, Cyprus and reforms

Representatives of the political parties of DISY, AKEL and EDEK, who spoke about the Cyprus issue, the upcoming parliamentary elections and reforms

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At noon and something, representatives of the political parties of DISY, AKEL and EDEK were hosted, who spoke about the Cyprus issue, the upcoming parliamentary elections and the reforms.

Initially, the Parliamentary Representative of DISY, Nikos Tornaritis, stated that the next Presidential elections will judge the course of the parties for their actions, omissions, positions and contradictions.

He added that in 2022 there are many challenges regarding the reform of the Cypriot state.

Mr. Tornaritis stated that 95% of the bills are voted unanimously in Parliament. "When we took over the governance of the country, we would not have achieved what we did if there was no political consensus."

He noted that the cooperation and sacrifices of the citizens and the contribution of the parties was decisive for the solution of the issues concerning the pandemic.

Mr. Tornaritis also spoke about the vote on the budget, stressing that if one takes into account the amounts of claims by the opposition, it will amount to billions. "Populism means putting things in the world that are impossible."

In addition, on the Cyprus issue, he stated that the Secretary General's report was very negative. "Our position is the return under the UN Secretary General and a federation solution in Cyprus."

The former General Secretary of AKEL Andros Kyprianou, referring to the 2022 Presidential elections, stressed that AKEL follows specific procedures to select its candidate. "The Secretary General does not decide and there are contacts with other political parties to clarify the possibility of cooperation." He noted that this process will be completed in March.

At the same time, he stated that it is the Government that must listen to the needs of society because it rules. "Political parties have room to put pressure on the government on various issues," he said.

Regarding the reforms, he clarified that AKEL will be guided according to the service of the citizen.

Mr. Kyprianou explained that AKEL will consult with all parties except ELAM. "ELAM is the branch of Golden Dawn in Greece and is against the democratic operation of a state." He stressed that ELAM is a misanthropic party and they do not hide that it is a sister party to the Nazi party in Germany. "We do not want the votes of ELAM."

He also mentioned that AKEL has several things in common with DIKO and EDEK. "There are disagreements in the Cyprus issue and it is acceptable, but together we support bills that have to do with socio-economic and environmental issues. He added that if the Government listened to AKEL's proposals, then they would have no problem supporting important reforms that will take place. "Populism is what DISY does every now and then."

Regarding the Cyprus issue, he stated that AKEL disagrees with the actions of President Anastasiadis, while DISY supports him. "While Turkey's behavior is worse, the international community is not reacting."

For his part, the President of EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos clarified that EDEK did not hold any meetings with other parties for the Presidential elections. He added that in EDEK the internal party issues are paramount and then the party will enter the issue of the Presidential elections.

He pointed out that the party is ready to discuss with other parties, but without being surprised and with predetermined decisions. "We never refused any meeting."

Mr. Sizopoulos clarified that it is important for the parties to focus their attention on restoring the citizens' trust in the institutions and meritocracy.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, he said that EDEK is the only party that has criticized the UN Secretary General. He clarified that Turkey has been requesting a five-party conference on the Cyprus issue since 1964.

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