"30% of leisure centers will not be able to reopen"

This is stated by the Pancyprian Federation of Leisure Center Owners Associations - See details

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The situation in the catering and leisure sector has created huge problems in sustainability, but it also leads to the closure of many businesses, according to the president of the Pancyprian Federation of Leisure Center Owners Associations (OSIKA) Neophyto Thrasyvoulou, who said that 30% of businesses will not be able to reopen.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Thrasyvoulou stated that “with the new measures from January 1, 2021, with the non-support of companies in the suspension of installments, even more problems will be created when the companies are in lock down and obligations to repay ”.

If March 16th is the start date for catering, many tourism-based businesses will still need support until the start of the tourist season, which is set to begin by the second half of the year, he said.

In addition, Mr. Thrasyvoulou stated that what OSIKA is asking for is the continuation of the support of the companies of the leisure centers, the creation of an Organization for the Support of the enterprises of the Food Industry, the continuation of the reduction of the Value Added Tax to 5%. Tourism with advertising for catering businesses but also with support through coupons, so that the local customer can visit the restaurants.

Mr. Thrasyvouliou also said that the Pancyprian Federation of Leisure Center Owners Associations requests the postponement of repayment of business obligations at this stage for a quarter after the start of the tourist season, with the suspension of social security installments and liabilities at the Offices.

In addition, he continued, they ask for the non-issuance of new operating licenses, since last year it was paid, but the companies have not worked, the support from the Municipalities in not repaying companies' licenses in the tourism industry for a year, garbage, depending on the time frame that companies will work in this tourist season.

These measures, said Mr. Thrasyvoulou, can trigger the reopening of the Leisure Centers, so that, he noted, to examine what is born in Paphos and other tourist cities, so that they can stand on their own two feet.

He described these measures as justified, since, as he said, it is the industry that paid the highest price and expressed the hope that the Municipalities and the State with the restart of the local economy in the various sectors and in tourism, will be able to recover the lost.

The president of OSIKA called on everyone to respond to the call of the catering centers so that the food industry can restart and serve the tourism industry in the near future, he concluded.