ELAM on the issue of naturalizations

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The announcement of ELAM as it is:

What we are watching on the issue of naturalizations affects the prestige of Cyprus and offends the institutions of the Republic of Cyprus. The complaints are quite serious and should be investigated immediately by the competent bodies of the State.

ELAM is not going to participate in the propaganda of the pro-Turkish Al Jazeera against Cyprus. However, the Government and the Parliament must realize the weaknesses of the program and the consequences of providing housing to convicted criminals.

We are not impressed by AKEL's involvement in the issue of passports. The party, which in recent weeks tore its clothes, is now revealed to be involved in another issue that affects the prestige of Cyprus. That is why AKEL in recent weeks tried to disorient the public with non-existent accusations against ELAM. It is clear that everything was and is intended to cover their own guilty role.

First and foremost, however, people should realize that there is only one way to change the situation: Not to give a vote of confidence again to those who lead Cyprus to the bottom.

Γραφείο Τύπου
National Popular Front

Source: KYPE