Finos Film: Farewell to 2021 with a hilarious video with excerpts from movies that describe what we live (VIDEO)

Watch the enjoyable video prepared by Finos Film

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Another year with difficulties and pandemics is coming to an end and Finos Film presents all the news through unforgettable actors.

In just a one-minute video, Finos Film, of course, focused on the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown, vaccines, protection measures, relaxation, vaccination certificates and everything that has preoccupied us during the year, with excerpts and excerpts from her well-known films, which reflect reality.

The review of the year by Finos Film

Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, Sotiris Moustakas, Thanassis Vengos, Angelos Antonopoulos, Lambros Konstantaras are just some of the protagonists of the films that Finos Film uses to describe the year, with a month-by-month review, depending on the events that happened that period.

So for the first months of the year, it shows Greek actors to be home due to the lockdown, in the spring to look forward to the Greek summer and return to work, with the removal of the lockdown. In the summer, when the vaccination went fast, the storms are also spartan.

Autumn follows with the increase of cases and we reach today with Dino Iliopoulos wondering if we should go out and play our life "crown - letters".

The caption that accompanies the video closes optimistically, as does the video: "Another year of difficulties and pandemics has come to an end, but in the end, no matter how things turn out, life is always beautiful. Happy Birthday to everyone and Happy New Year !! ».