Varosya: Tatars try to keep property owners away from 'real estate commission'

Turkish Cypriot columnist disagrees with the T / C side's new handling of the issue of the closed area of ​​Famagusta

5 2 exclusive, Varosia

The current Turkish Cypriot press (1/2) focuses on the latest developments regarding the occupied closed city of Famagusta. According to the Press and Information Office, the current Turkish Cypriot press puts under its microscope the latest messages of the Turkish Cypriot leadership and the views of Turkish Cypriot analysts on the issue of Varos.

In a written statement issued yesterday 31/1), the office of Ersin Tatar claims that the Greek Cypriot leadership, by adding another "untrue claim" to what it supports for the opening of Varos, is trying to keep the property owners away from " real estate committee ". It is also argued that the Greek Cypriot side characterizes the "Commission" as a "legal trap" and in support of this claim is cited as a new negative development in the new decision of the "committee" to include EVKAF as a party involved in an application concerning properties in Varosi.

For the aforementioned development, the office of E. Tatar claims that the new decision is based on a procedure, which is included in the legislation of the "committee", which has passed the control of the ECtHR. "Justice requires that all sides be heard. "A similar decision of the 'real estate committee', which accepted the management of EVKAF as an involved party, had been previously reviewed and approved by the three-judge supreme administrative court," he said.

Finally, the communiqué, which describes the "committee" as an "effective mechanism, ensuring that all beneficiaries, including the old residents, have access to their property rights", also expressed the view that "the Greek leader is trying to achieves political points with unrealistic statements and not legal remedies with respect for the property rights of the Greek Cypriot residents ".

On the issue of Varosi, in today's (1/2) article of his opinion in the Turkish newspaper "Yeni Duzen", the Turkish columnist Serhat Inzirli writes that the "real estate committee had never been so funny for so many years, despite all our nonsense in this country! Our justice had never lost its trust. "I'm really curious what the acceptance of EVKAF as a party involved in Varosi is now, while there is our commitment before the ECtHR!"

The Turkish Cypriot columnist, who disagrees with the new manipulations of the Turkish Cypriot side on the issue of the closed area of ​​Famagusta, sends the message that "it seems that we stubbornly and persistently want the non-solution".