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The Electric Bicycle Purchase Grant Scheme is in force from January 17, 2022

Implementing the Government's policy for the transition to green transport and sustainable mobility, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces the start of the application process for the Grant Scheme for the Purchase of Electric Vehicles - Sponsorship Category H14 (assisted). Those interested will be able to apply electronically through the website of the Road Transport Department from Monday, January 17, at 11 am, until January 31, 2022, at 10 am. The total amount that will be allocated for the first phase of the Plan amounts to € 240,000.

The Plan is fully funded by the European Union Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

The maximum sponsorship amount is € 1,000 and the maximum purchase price of the electric bike, including VAT, should not exceed € 6,000. It is emphasized that electric bicycles sold at a price higher than € 6,000 will not receive a grant. Eligible applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Beneficiaries of the Plan are only natural persons.

More information about the Plan is available at www.ev.gov.cy in the Plan Guide (Category H14). It is clarified that the built-in battery in the bicycle frame, referred to in paragraph 3.10 (c) (ii) of the Drawing Guide, may be of the “Built in” or “Fit in” type.

For the convenience of those interested, the following is listed below (a) the screen with the fields that will be asked to fill in, and (b) the content of the drop-down menus for the Applicant Identification Category.

As this Category only concerns the subsidy for the purchase of a new electric bicycle, only the "H14 - New electric bicycle (assisted cycling)" will be predefined as a Sponsorship Option.

(a) Screen

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(b) Applicant Identification Category

Grant Applicant Identification Category, electric bicycles

It is noted that those interested in submitting an application, which are registered with a document, which is not included in the above (eg passport, identity card of another state), should contact the nearest District Office of the Road Transport Department for re-registration, presenting the passport or identity card of another state, the identity card of the alien, the driver's license and the registration documents of their vehicles.

The Plan is part of the General Policy Framework for the Promotion of the Use of Electronic Vehicles of the Ministry of Transport and the broader strategy for the promotion of alternative means of transportation, in addition to car trafficking. The effort is aimed at reducing the environmental impact of transport and carbon dioxide and gaseous emissions.

The results of the first phase of the Plan will be evaluated and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works will consider the inclusion in respective Plans that will be promoted in the future, of more categories of assisted cycling bicycles.