The 8-year-old is under 32-day detention for the bank robbery in Larnaca

A sum of money was found in the suspect's possession, which was seized for testing

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The Larnaca District Court on Thursday issued an eight-day detention order against a 32-year-old man, to facilitate police investigations into an investigated robbery case committed on Wednesday (June 1st) at a bank branch in Larnaca district.

According to KYPE, senior lieutenant Haris Hatzigiasemi "around 11.15 on Wednesday morning, a man who wore a mask on his face that covered his nose and mouth, entered a bank branch in Kiti and stole money from the premises of the establishment. The man was noticed by an employee and customers at the branch and, pulling an object, in order to prevent them from being chased, he managed to escape ".

He added that "members of the Larnaca Police Department and the Kiti Police Station went to the scene to examine and locate the unknown perpetrator. "Examinations carried out revealed evidence against a 32-year-old man, who was located shortly after 13.00 in the area of ​​Dromolaxia and was examined".

In the possession of the suspect, "a sum of money was found which was withheld for examinations, while after an investigation carried out by the Police at his residence, various items were received. The 32-year-old was arrested with a court warrant and was taken into custody, while today, Thursday, he was brought before the Larnaca District Court, which issued a detention order against him for eight days ". The case is being investigated by TAE Larnaca.

Source: KYPE