21-year-old in custody for forgery, forgery and circulation of a forged document

Woman presented a Portuguese ID card in the name of another woman

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A 21-year-old woman was detained for forgery, forgery and circulation of a forged document.

According to Paphos Assistant Police Director Michalis Ioannou, yesterday at 18:00, while a member of the Paphos Airport Passport Control Center was conducting a passport check at the departures section of the flight to the Netherlands, a woman presented a Portuguese identity card in another woman's name.

A check carried out on the said identity card raised suspicions that it was a forged document after large differences in the security points were identified. She was questioned and the Portuguese identity card was confiscated as evidence.

He was subsequently arrested, while a search was carried out through the computerized system of the Asylum Service and it was found that this person is a Congolese citizen. She also submitted an application for political asylum on 13.12.19 which was rejected on 10.5.21 and she was served with the relevant decision. On 11.6.21 from further examinations carried out by the YAM through the Asylum Service it was found that the above woman submitted an administrative appeal to the Administrative Court of International Protection which is pending and therefore resides permanently in the territory of the Republic.

The young woman was arrested and detained for the other crimes she is facing.