The three suspects for the 303 thousand firecrackers are in custody

8-day detention of the three suspects in connection with the discovery of 303 thousand firecrackers

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After a long process, the court approved the request of the Police for the 8-day detention of the three suspects, a 26-year-old and two 24-year-olds, in relation to the discovery of 303 thousand firecrackers, in a container, in Limassol.

The three suspects were arrested on Thursday after monitoring members of YKAN, an import and transport company warehouse, in the Ypsona area, in the context of evaluating specific information.

The container arrived around 09.30 and was checked in the presence of the warehouse manager, where it was found that two pallets contained a number of cardboard boxes containing crackers.

A little later, a car arrived at the warehouse, in which the three suspects were riding, while the passenger entered the warehouse holding various documents and then left with the other two persons.

The vehicle was stopped by the members of YKAN and during the check it was found that the driver was 26 years old, while the passengers were two other people aged 24, all residents of Nicosia province.

During the investigation that followed, various documents related to the import of the goods, through the specific company, were found inside the vehicle, while the 26-year-old was found in possession of €2.170 and in the possession of one of the 24-year-olds was found the amount of money of €12.230 as well as 5.235 Turkish Liras.

A search of the warehouse followed, where the container was unloaded and found to contain a total of 303.000 firecrackers, which were taken for further examination.

The suspects, who reportedly do not admit involvement in the case, were brought to court on Friday morning, which issued an 8-day detention order against them.

Source: KYPE