Ministerial: Extraordinary allowance for the inhabitants of the mountainous areas

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The granting of a one-time emergency aid to the inhabitants of the mountainous areas was decided by the Council of Ministers at its meeting on Wednesday.

According to an announcement issued by the Ministry of Interior, it was decided to provide an emergency allowance for the residents of the mountainous areas located at an altitude of more than 600 m.

The announcement states that the emergency allowance will amount to 50% of the allowance granted in 2021, "so that the inhabitants of our mountainous and disadvantaged areas can be supported, due to the increase in fuel prices, but of course also due to the difficult prevailing weather conditions ".

For example, a couple of retirees, who lived in a community at an altitude of between 800-1,000 m and were currently receiving a 395 euro allowance, will have to receive an additional allowance of 198 euros this year.

A young couple with three children, who received 1,050 euros as an allowance in the mountainous area, will have received an additional emergency allowance of an additional 525 euros for this year, it is noted.

The announcement emphasizes that "the support of the Government is practical, it is generous, precisely because we want to especially assist the residents in the mountainous and disadvantaged areas".

The specific policy benefits 19.000 beneficiaries or 7.500 households in 110 communities in our mountainous areas, the announcement concludes.