Ministerial: Approved amendments to the law on tourist offices

What are the reasons for amending the law, according to the announcement of the Deputy Government Spokesperson, Niovis Parisinou

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The Council of Ministers approved the Bill amending the Laws on Tourism and Travel Offices and Guides Laws, as announced by the Deputy Government Spokeswoman Niovi Parisinou, after the end of the session.

In a written statement, Ms. Parisinou states that the bill aims primarily at removing obstacles to the provision of tourism services by the Tourism and Travel Agencies, with the co-location of a licensed Office with offices / companies providing additional or related activities such as travel, foreign exchange, shipping, car rental and transportation insurance;

Also in simplification of the control and licensing procedures of the Tourist and Tourist Offices.

He also adds, contributes to the reduction of the Administrative Burden, extending the validity of the Office operating license and the tour guide profession from two years to three, while expanding the reasons for revoking the Tourism and Travel Office operating license.

Still, he adds, in more effective fight against illegality, introducing provisions for dealing with the offense of operating a Tourist and Travel Office without a license, after introducing the imposition of administrative sanctions and the collection of administrative fines on violators of the said legislation, while providing provisions for effective treatment of offenses arising from the provision of Office services Travel via the internet.

It also contributes in the simplification of the provisions concerning the required qualifications of the Director of the Office of Tourism and Travel. The application is approved by the proposed director provided that he holds a university degree or a recognized higher education degree in tourism or has at least 3 years of experience in Tourism Offices.

The Bill will be submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote on a law.

Ms. Parisinou also announces that the Council of Ministers has decided to appoint the following as members of the Medical Physicians Registration Council for a period of three years: Dr. Prodromos Kaplanis, Charalambos Giannakaras, Anastasia Seisou, Costas Michael, Dimitris Kaolis, Rita Dimou and E Markidou.