Averof: Cyprus must become the place of Excellence of the three Alphas

Cyprus must become the place of Excellence of the three Alphas in all sectors, said the President of DISY Averof Neophytou

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Cyprus must become the place of Excellence of the three Alphas in all sectors, stated the President of DISY Averof Neophytou. He noted at the same time that there should be an extension of the all-day school, a differentiation of the schedule to serve students, parents and teachers and reinforcement and support of the teachers so that we can have better results in Education.

In statements after a visit to the Center of Excellence for Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation and Technology (CMMI), Mr. Neophytou expressed his satisfaction because as he explained "a Research Foundation outside of university infrastructure, independent, is proceeding with research concerning our sea and the like , but also focused on research that has to do with the market and the industry, and that's what's important."

She continued "it is my clear political position" and congratulated the founders of the Center, adding that "our country in general must become the place of excellence, the Cyprus of the three A's in all fields".

In his statements, Mr. Neofytou also referred to the first day when children of all levels of education go to school and congratulated "the Ministry of Education for the superhuman efforts, to have a smooth school year. A lot has been done in recent years regarding education, and reforms regarding the list of appointees as well as infrastructure and other changes."

But he continued "through the successes of the Democratic Alarm government, with President Nikos Anastasiadis and his Ministers, we want to continue further changes for the better of Education and our country".

Mr. Neofytou also referred to the suffering experienced by parents both in the morning and at noon with the lot of traffic on the streets, going to and bringing the children from school and said that "in a few days every mother, every parent, the every grandparent will feel and experience the inconvenience of evening obligations for special or extracurricular activities that cause inconvenience to parents, students and also affect the finances of each family".

My position, Mr. Neophytou continued, "is that the all-day school should be extended, we need to find the right times to decongest traffic in the morning and afternoon. When our children leave school to be prepared for the next day." He spoke of "expansion of the full-day school, different hours to serve students, parents and teachers".

But at the same time, he added, "we must strengthen and support the foundations of education, which are none other than the teachers". Asked about the pilot application of the door to door program by the Ministry of Transport, he said that "I envision a school that responds to the needs of the new era, with critical thinking and what our young people need."