The former PtD expresses satisfaction with the start of an investigation into the book "Mafia State"

The former President of the Republic of Cyprus expressed his satisfaction on Friday in a written statement

bbb proedros anastasiadis 1 book "Mafia State", Nikos Anastasiadis

The former President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, expressed his satisfaction on Friday in a written statement for the activation of an investigation process into the content of Makarios Drousiotis' book, "Mafia State".

"With particular satisfaction, I heard this morning the Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Mr. Haris Pogiatzis, confirming that the process of investigation into the content of Mr. Makarios Drousiotis' book 'Mafia State' has actually been activated," says the former Chairman.

In the written statement, it is recalled that Mr. Anastasiadis had also requested in his letter to the Commissioner and the Anti-Corruption Authority, dated 29/11/2022, a faster investigation to investigate the alleged allegations.

"Respecting the Laws and the procedures of an ongoing investigation, I consciously avoid placing myself in what some people obsessively and deliberately project every day, in order to establish as true what is maliciously and slanderously contained in the book in question", it is added.

The former President notes that he considers it his duty to contribute with documented evidence so that the Commission can safely reach its own conclusions.

"I want to point out once again that I reserve all my legal rights to take legal action against those who have made, are making or adopt similar defamatory claims," ​​he concludes in his written statement.

Source: KYPE