Anastasiadis: I promise that I will not run for a third term

It is time, instead of words of the air thanks to the opposition, to have proposals for specific actions, said the PD

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The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, responded to the criticisms regarding the government's handling of the EastMed pipeline, in statements he made outside the European Parliament Office in Nicosia, noting that "it is time for the opposition to act on the basis of constructive criticism and not nihilism. "

Asked if he shared the position of Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulidis that "EastMed has always been a tool for provoking problems", the President replied that "I do not think this is what Mr. Kasoulidis meant, nor is it a matter of commenting on any personal views that some moment expressed ".

"What I want to remind everyone is that it was a joint decision of three governments. "If some in Cyprus attribute responsibility or hasty triumphs to the Government of Cyprus, I thank them for recognizing the great influence that Cyprus has on neighboring countries and especially in the European Union."

In other words, he continued, "we dragged the European Union to consider it a public benefit project, we dragged Israel, we dragged Greece and possibly Egypt", to add that "it is time to get serious. In any project, the viability study is always a prerequisite. The decision is made, the studies are done and if a project is feasible, it is implemented. If not, there are alternatives that will help transfer the natural wealth of the eastern Mediterranean basin to the European Union, a vital issue for the European Union, a question of security, adequacy of supplies, etc. "

Following a journalist's remark that AKEL called EastMed "words of the air" and criticized the Government for failing to shield the Cypriot EEZ and defend the Republic of Cyprus against the constant challenges of Turkey, the President noted that "what I did not hear from AKEL is a proposal either to the National Council or through the discussions that take place in the Parliament to suggest us to buy submarines to shield the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus, or warships, or aircraft ".

Finally, he said, "it is time, instead of words in the air, thanks to the opposition, that there be proposals for concrete actions. And if they mean that we have to take the initiative - which I often hear - to start the dialogue again, I want them to respond bluntly. I can take the initiative by coming to the table, but accepting on Turkish terms that the debate will take place on the basis of the two states. Is that what they suggest I do? "

The President of the Republic then stressed that "there was no move that I did not make, that was not even criticized by AKEL, there was no effort and proposal in good faith always based on finding a working solution that is not criticized by AKEL. "It's time for the opposition to act on the basis of constructive criticism, not nihilism."

Commenting on a spokesman for the media, citing legal sources claiming that he could run for a third term, the President said: "Despite what I have been accused of 'committing', It was a commitment I made immediately after my election in my first term. If the Parliament delays and adopts the legislation after the second term, this does not invalidate my commitment. It was a reform, which I consider to be very important and which from the time it was adopted will be implemented ".