Government Spokesperson: The publication about Famagusta is similar to others in the past

"Our diplomatic actions and diplomacy are permanent"

kyvernitikos ekporswpos letimpiotis 1 exclusive, Famagusta

Government Spokesman Mr. Konstantinos Letympiotis answered questions from journalists today, as part of his Briefing for the Media, held at the Presidential Palace.

Asked about the issue of block 6, the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the Spokesperson said that the Ministry of Energy has made its own initial assessments, but everything will be discussed with the consortium now that there is concrete data.

He added that the main goal of the Government's planning is "to enable the Cypriot citizen, the Cypriot consumer, the Cypriot households to have access to cheaper energy as soon as possible. So, to set timetables, which will be feasible, realistic and concrete is something that is, of course, in our thoughts".

Asked about the recent British newspaper report on Famagusta, the Spokesperson said that it is a report similar to others we have seen in the past.

"At the same time, however, we never downgrade any publication, any information, especially regarding our occupied territories. Our diplomatic actions and our diplomatic journeys are permanent and it is through active diplomacy that we believe that all these are answered", he pointed out.

Asked to refer to the statements of the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom (UK) and asked under these circumstances what to expect from the meeting of the President of the Republic with the Secretary of State of the UK, in London, the Spokesperson said: "What we have said, and there have already been relevant steps taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is precisely because, in this new period that is ahead of us, we believe that we all must be particularly careful in our public positions, especially a country like the UK and with his involvement within the United Nations (UN) with the Cyprus issue.

What we will convey once again is precisely the importance of the public positions on the part of the UK, the mobilization on the part of Turkey to return to the negotiating table to restart the talks from where they have been interrupted and for our effort to reach a solution within the resolutions of the Security Council, i.e. on the basis of a solution of a bizonal bicommunal federation".

Asked where the 1 billion for defense is missing, the Speaker said: “You realize that like the national budget, it is presented every year in the House of Representatives and debated, it is available and any member of the legislature can study it. What is important and what we have said through the governance program of the President of the Republic and is what already seems to be implemented by the first budget drawn up by this Government, is the gradual increase in the funds dedicated to defense spending and especially regarding the defense armor of our country. In this direction, the government of Nikos Christodoulidis will continue to increase the expenditures for the defense of our country, in accordance with the international standards of other Organizations".

In a clarifying question about the issue of one billion, the Spokesperson said: "That element should be studied specifically, according to what happened in previous years. It is already before the Ministry of Defense.

I repeat that what is important, what the current government sets as a very high and primary goal is the gradual increase in defense spending, it is something that the President of the Republic has also mentioned in his government program, so that the defense armoring of our country to be at the optimal level".

When asked if there is any news regarding the implementation of the maritime corridor for the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza, the Spokesperson said: "The Republic of Cyprus has drawn up a very specific plan in very distinct phases, stages, which has already been put to the test and can be applied.

To the extent that the Republic of Cyprus could take responsibility, this has been achieved with great success.

It is at the disposal of the international community a proposal which is discussed, which is recognized as to its usefulness. If there is anything more specific, it will be announced at the right time."

Asked about the visit of the President of the Republic to London, the Spokesperson said: “It is a visit that was in the plans of the visits of the President of the Republic. You realize that in view of the developments in the Cyprus issue, after the appointment of the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General (SG), [the President's visit to London] has been postponed earlier."

When asked if the Agreement on Pyla has finally collapsed, the Spokesperson said: "No work is being carried out in the area of ​​Pyla. This is something that we are not satisfied with. We have said from the first moment that we took the initiative to reach this Understanding that - we believe that the implementation of the Understanding - the implementation of all the provisions of the Understanding is for the benefit of both our Greek Cypriots and our Turkish Cypriot compatriots and we call for another once the occupying regime realizes the benefits that can arise through the implementation of all the provisions of the Understanding".

Finally, in another question, Mr. Letympiotis said that the President of the Republic has discussed with delegations of occupied municipalities the possibility of a campaign aimed at encouraging young people from occupied municipalities to register in the electoral rolls.