The President of ELAM announced his candidacy for the presidential elections

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The President of ELAM, Christos Christou, announced his candidacy for the presidential elections on Friday, at the Municipal Theater of Strovolos.

In his speech, Mr. Christou said that ELAM is not just a party, but expresses values ​​and added that "the eternity and youth of our ideas will lead us forward."

"We believe that every Greek in Cyprus has been wronged, he has been betrayed many times. So, we will not sell him words, content gaps and false promises. I do not have to place in any positions, conveniences and fat salaries. But I have to promise you that we will neither sell nor negotiate our principles and our values. The future belongs to us, because we have nothing to lose and because we will fight for our homeland, for our people, for our religion, for our place. "Long live Cyprus", he added

As he said, the candidacy of ELAM gives an answer to all "who without asking us, used our name. No gentlemen, we will not rush with you. We will walk the path we know how to walk and we are not used to hesitating and leaning to the right sometimes and sometimes to the left. The wind does not take us either. We have the will and strength to move forward, because every day we see our people embracing us ".

Mr. Christou, referring to the Cyprus issue, said that the Cyprus problem is inactive and added that "under no circumstances should we be complacent about this fact."

"Immediately after the upcoming presidential elections, a new process will begin, on the same basis, that is, the bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. ELAM is clearly an anti-federal choice. It is the movement that since its founding in 2018 insists that the problem of Cyprus is the invasion and the ongoing occupation ", he added.

Mr. Christou stated that there is a need for purification regarding financial crimes and added that "we do not see those who really brought the economic destruction of our country being brought to justice".

"We want a special court to be set up, which will only deal with financial crimes, and we want to see those found guilty not be sentenced to a few months in prison, but return money to the state. Money that will be used for real growth. When we talk about the development and progress of our people, we do not mean exclusively the private initiative, but the state care, so that the economy can stand on its own two feet and our unemployed can build their future again in their homeland. "Because this is also one of the miracles of the Anastasiadis Government", he added.

Referring to the unemployment rates, Mr. Christou said that the unemployment rates fell because the Cypriots have moved abroad.

"In a short time we have proved to everyone and to everyone that a movement does not need to rely only on economic power, but on the power of its members and executives. "People who fight every day for a fairer society, who every day with their actions, are next to their fellow man, to their suffering compatriot," he said.

ELAM MP Linos Papagiannis, in his greeting, said that "the only promise we can give you, looking you in the eye is that our fight for the justification of this people will continue even more intensely."

"Close your ears to the promises of the elders and their lies. Stay strong and remember that we will never betray our faith, our homeland and our people. Chief, go ahead. We are by your side ", he concluded.

Source: KYPE