Minister of Energy for Chevron: The goal is "win-win"

covermoen papanastasiou Chevron, MINISTER OF ENERGY

We expect developments in the coming days and the goal is the joint recommendation, said the Minister of Energy, Giorgos Papanastasiou, in relation to the discussions between the Republic of Cyprus and the American Chevron, the management company of "Aphrodite", regarding the resolution of the dispute that occurred between the two sides for the field development plan.
Answering journalists' questions ahead of today's deadline, Mr. Papanastasiou said that the two parties are trying to find a "win-win" solution.

Asked if the government was expected to respond to the consortium today, Mr. Papanastasiou recalled that on November 5th the company was given a schedule for 15 days, that is today November 20th.

"It (the company) has been placed, it was 15 days so essentially November 20 is the day when the company should respond and at this stage there have been consultations, I can tell you these 15 days but we don't have anything which can be announced today", he said.

Commenting that the timetable ends at 11:40 today, the Trade Minister said that the discussions should not be seen as "ultimatums".

"There is a consultation," he continued, "which consultation should see what the Republic of Cyprus is seeking, what the consortium is seeking, on behalf of which the management company that is Chevron is speaking, and basically the two parties are trying to find a joint component, which will be a win-win situation'.

Asked about the next steps, the Minister of Commerce said that "at this stage there is nothing to announce, allow me to limit the position and expect developments in the coming days".

Source: KYPE