Min. Energy: The ceiling of "Photovoltaics for all" is sustainable

fotovoltaika 1 770x407 1 MINISTER OF ENERGY, Photovoltaics

Setting the ceiling on the price of photovoltaic systems for the "Photovoltaics for All" scheme will not create a liquidity problem for solar installation companies, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry said, adding that the ceiling of the scheme is higher than the corresponding price in force abroad.

Asked to comment on the reactions of the Association of Renewable Energy Sources Companies, Mr. Papanastasiou said that the Ministry disagrees with these concerns, to add that a meeting with the Association will be scheduled.

"We disagree, because we have compared, we have obtained prices from the market for the specific system, with the specific specifications, with the specific guarantees", said Mr. Papanastasiou, answering questions from journalists on the sidelines of an event for the start of the Industry Week.

As he said, the ceiling is sustainable. He added that there are too many installers who are interested in participating with that ceiling on the price.

"It was about letting it work and not creating fear either in the world or about the plan itself," he said.

Mr. Papanastasiou also noted that there is a lot of interest from installers from abroad.

Saying that at the moment abroad, the price per kilowatt for such photovoltaic systems is around €900, the Minister of Energy noted that "we have tentatively set it at €1.325, so we give enough margin for it to be viable for all installers, even for the little ones."

When asked if there will be consultations to allay the concerns, Mr. Papanastasiou said there will be a consultation at the Association's request.

"Of course we will see them, but I tell you that €1.325 gives enough room for there to be liquidity issues for the installers", he concluded.