Lecture on tourism at UCLAN University (PICTURES)

2 Costas Koumis

A lecture on tourism was held last Tuesday at UCLAN University.

The event was entitled "Advancements in the Cypriot Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Opportunities and Challenges".

5 Costas Koumis

The event was coordinated by Dr. Aspasia Simillidou and the keynote speaker was the Vice President of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, Costas Koumis.

Speeches and presentations were also made by Managers of a well-known tourist group.

3 Costas Koumis

In his speech, the Vice President of the CTO - which had the character of a presentation - analyzed the course of tourism in our country in recent years, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that characterize Cyprus as a tourist destination.

He also made special reference to the National Tourism Strategy, which is known to have been presented a few months ago by Spanish THR researchers.

6 1 Costas Koumis

Costas Koumis through the presentation (which was noted in English due to the presence of foreign students), stressed the value and importance of this powerful tool called National Tourism Strategy and stressed that its value will be multiplied if all those involved with the industry to be informed in order to fully understand the real picture of tourism in our country, but also the value of its implementation.

He characteristically stated that nothing can be achieved if the implementation of the Tourism Strategy in our country does not involve the whole world of tourism ("Nothing can be achieved if the whole tourism community is not engaged in the implementation of the national tourism strategy" ).

He also said that the serious work of recent years should continue and that this year requires dedication and certainly not complacency.

He also said that we still can not talk about a new era in tourism, despite the good results of recent years as Cyprus lags behind in support infrastructure and in the context of tourism governance.

The representatives of the tourism industry mainly analyzed the problems faced by the hotel industry and especially the problems presented in terms of finding staff.

The event closed with a dialogue between the attendees and the speakers.

4 Costas Koumis