New regulations in the legislation for tourist marinas

Provision for the creation of suitable spaces in marinas for seaplanes was also discussed

ANM 1 marinas

New regulations were introduced in the legislation on tourist marinas and their management, which was discussed in the Parliamentary Trade Committee on Tuesday.

In his statements after the Committee session, Kyriakos Hatzigianni, President of the Parliamentary Trade Committee and DISY Member of Parliament, stated that the regulation of the mooring was introduced, as until now there was no relevant provision, as well as provision for the creation of suitable spaces in the marinas for seaplanes, which is a necessity for Cyprus and its tourism. "Ports are a gateway to the EU, therefore there can be no 'loopholes' for illegal or uncontrolled entry," he said.

"We are not absolute in any proposal of the law proposal. On the contrary, we are here to listen to additional proposals and to provide solutions, so that as Cyprus we can realize our vision for the competitive operation of the marinas and for the existence of maritime tourism that will serve our tourist activity", explained the President of the Trade Committee.

Michalis Giakoumi, Member of Parliament for the Greek Democratic Party of Greece, spoke of "a good start", in order to "make competition work better in this sector as well". At the same time, he said that the existing and possible new points must be upgraded, as well as the infrastructure in the commercial moorings for temporary stay by large vessels.

"However, at the same time, we have to enrich nautical tourism for pleasure boats involving short-day vacations by both local and foreign visitors," he noted.

"On this basis, we as DIPA - Cooperation will act and try to both strengthen the legislation, but at the same time to further encourage maritime tourism", he concluded.

Source: KYPE