Costas Koumis: "Struggle for the promotion of the positives of Famagusta" (video)

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Growing up in the pre-eminently tourist destination of Cyprus, that is, in free Famagusta, Costas Koumis is one of the most active actors dealing with tourism, business and the logic around the "heavy industry of Cyprus". The vice president of CTO spoke to InBusinessNews about his daily life as a manager, about the keys to success, his great love for tourism and what he would do if he were President of the Republic for a day.

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At the same time, Costas Koumis reports that he wakes up early and after a couple of sips of coffee in the office he starts work answering emails, while emphasizing that he admires Richard Branson as a businessman.

Referring to the media from which he is informed, Costas Koumis emphasizes that he mainly reads news via the internet, while on Sundays he enjoys reading newspapers.

At the same time, he is strongly in favor of free Famagusta, noting that much more needs to be done in the region and from the positions he holds he seeks to highlight its positives, to reduce problems and to fight for improvement. In fact, he emphasizes emphatically in this regard: "We are a province with rich natural and human resources. We have companies that are market leaders and that is really something that honors us ".

Referring to the position of vice-president of the CTO, which he has held for more than two years, Costas Koumis emphasizes: "It is an honor for me to serve tourism, which is the most important pillar of the Cypriot economy." In fact, he characterizes the Cypriot tourism as a diamond which, however, we processed simply and without vision according to Costas Koumis, who is not afraid to say that if the right moves are made, the Cypriot tourism can become the "diamond of the world".

At the same time, he emphasizes that if he were President of the Republic for a day, he would make a decision for a direct investment of 20 million euros in tourism, but smartly and purposefully, as the vice-president of the CTO characteristically added.

Source: InBusiness