The groom shows her crazy: The bride's chiftetelli at the wedding made the guests applaud

A video of a bride in high spirits dancing the chiftetelli at her wedding reception is making the rounds on the internet.

o gampros tin kamaronei xetrelamenos to tsifteteli tis nyfis sto gamo ekane toys kalesmenoys na cheirokrotoyn WEDDING FEAST, BRIDE, tsifteteli

A video of a bride in a dancing frenzy is making rounds on the internet tsifteteli at her wedding feast.

The party... started as soon as "Light up the cigarette" started playing, with her getting up and "cracking" the dance floor, creating havoc and forcing everyone to get up from their seats. tables their.

In the following video you will find out the truth, with the bride in question deservedly winning the award for... best dancer in a wedding dress.

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via: Enimerotiko