He cheated on her at the reception: Groom played a video of the bride cheating on him with her sister's husband

A script from a movie could be the following wedding with a groom who took revenge on the bride at the reception in the worst way.

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A script from a movie could be the following wedding with a son-in-law who took revenge on her Bride at the reception in the worst way.

The groom in question played video that showed the bride cheating on him with her pregnant sister's husband.

The video was originally made viral in 2019, but was recently re-shared on TikTok, where it garnered nearly six million views and thousands of comments from outraged viewers.

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The video of the wedding table has shocked the internet. The guests of the newlyweds in China they look in horror at a scene with the bride and her sister's husband in a bedroom. The embarrassed bride then threw the bouquet at her husband as he shouted: "You thought I didn't know that?"

The reactions on the internet about the video with the bride

However, the groom's act of revenge has divided social media users. Most were on the man's side, saying that the bride "she got what she deserved".

"The best revenge - in front of all their family and friends", one user commented.

"The man stood there knowing the destruction he was about to cause", someone else wrote.

Others wondered why the man went through with the marriage.

"Why did he have the wedding?" asked one.

"So why did she waste all that money on the wedding?" wrote another.

Many tried to explain his action by stating that it is very difficult to get deposits back from wedding venues after they close. The couple had been together for two years and got engaged six months before their big day, Asia One reported. It was also reported that the bride "suffered domestic violence" at the hands of the groom and had requested consolation to her sister's husband. However, with time, things turned into an illicit affair and once the groom found out, he decided to "humiliate" the bride.


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