The strongest photos of the past week

The strongest photos of the week

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If one wants to listen to the signs of the times, a photo is usually enough to describe the reality. Photos that capture in the most vivid way the most important events that happened in the past days from one end of the world to the other.

With the thymosophic folk claiming, and rightly so, that a picture is worth a thousand words, then not much is needed for the following photos. They are condensed in the following images what happened in the world last week.

Athens, Greece: Refreshing dips at Alimos beach

ellada paralia Associated Press world best photos of the week

Cool dips on the beach of Alimos, when temperatures in Attica on Thursday reached 40 degrees Celsius in many areas, as the June heat wave plagues parts of central Europe. High temperatures and dry conditions in parts of the continent have raised concerns about the risk of wildfires.

Gayan, Afghanistan: Searching for the living in the wreckage

Earthquake in Afghanistan

Afghans stand among damaged property after the powerful earthquake in Gayan village, Paktika province, Afghanistan, struck a rugged, mountainous region of eastern Afghanistan early Wednesday morning, leveling stone and mud-brick houses. In the country's deadliest earthquake in two decades, the dead reach 1.500.

Bucharest, Hungary: The dramatic rescue attempt of an American swimmer

Rescue Alvarez

American artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez, who collapsed during the solo freestyle final at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, is taken out of the pool by her coach and a lifeguard.

Kigali, Rwanda: Boris Johnson watching traditional dances

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson watches a traditional dance performance during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. Commonwealth leaders met in Rwanda on Friday for a summit that promises to tackle climate change, tropical diseases and other challenges exacerbated by the pandemic COVID-19.

Bucharest, Romania: "Big Brother" is seeing it all

Masked heads

Activists in Bucharest wearing masks depicting large eyeballs are taking part in a protest against planned updates to the country's national security laws, after a plan was leaked to the media earlier this month. Dozens of activists gathered outside the government headquarters to protest against proposed changes to laws giving increased powers to Romania's intelligence agency (SRI), which include obliging citizens and companies to offer support to the agency if requested .

Sydney, Australia: Mermaids have come ashore

Mermaid tail on a beach

Lauren Metzler, founder of Sydney Mermaids, has her tail in the sand as she prepares for a morning swim at Manly Cove Beach in Sydney. "Some people drink coffee in the morning to wake up, some people swim with mermaids," laughs Metzler as she glides through the water, her skin covered in glittering sequins. "This tail is so much fun to swim in!"

Kyiv, Ukraine: Final farewell at funeral of Ukrainian activist and soldier

Soldiers with torches in Ukraine

Soldiers hold flares as they attend the funeral of activist and soldier Roman Ratushnyi in Kyiv. Ratushnyi died in a battle near Izyum, where Russian and Ukrainian troops are fighting for control of the area.

San Francisco, USA: Celebrations for the victory of the Golden State Warriors

Celebrations for the NBA

Celebrations for the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA championship. Thousands of confetti lit the sky in the team's colors during the traditional winners' parade held on Market Street in San Francisco.


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