TikTok: Employees admit to serving leftover beer to disliked customers

The video of the revelation with 2,8 million views

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For many Britons, a visit to a well-established beer bar or pub is the highlight of the week. For many, pouring one glass of beer after another is like a British tradition.

However there are customers out there who can become very annoying. And in Britain they have a large percentage of such customers. And a couple of workers at a bar just had their worst nightmare. In fact, the revelation was made with a viral video on TikTok.

As the two employees have admitted that not all the drinks from the special tap of the cannula are as expected.

Madeleine Brooking shared that she and her colleague give beer to customers who are disgusted by the waste that falls into the container under the barrel tap.


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The video of the revelation with 2,8 million views

Yes, you read that right. The junk drink that is in the plastic containers along the bar, is secretly served to customers who have bad behavior.

Using her TikTok @mbrookinggg account, the bartender shared the moment her colleague poured the tray drink into glasses.

In the caption he wrote: "Giving to customers who do not like beer leftovers."

Since its release, the video has garnered 2,8 million views and 134.000 likes.

Surprised by the actions of the bartenders, many people turned to the comments to share their thoughts on the practice of the employees. One person even commented: "I would prefer urine, thank you."

Source: Athensparty