The floors creaked: a 7-year-old guy in Crete throws heavy zeibeki and wins the eyes and the applause

Video with the amazing zeibeki of a 7-year-old child in Heraklion. He got up and walked onto the dance floor and the floors SQUEALED

etrixan ta patomata 7chronos magkas stin kriti richnei varia zeimpekia kai kerdizei ta vlemmata amp to cheirokrotima viral, ZEIPEKIKO, Crete

The floors creaked as soon as she got up and took to the dance floor Zeybekiko.

He drew all eyes on him and as was natural, the 0-year-old compensated them and in fact with more than that...

The 7-year-old dancer thrilled the crowd gathered in Eleftheria Square in Heraklion.

But who is the 7-year-old for whose sake the floors creaked?

His name is Konstantinos and he is 7 years old! On New Year's Eve, Konstantinos left the hands of his own people and climbed onto the dance floor that had been set up in Eleftheria Square in Heraklion, for what else? of course to dance heavy zeibeki

The heart of the 7-year-old "said" it! Not long ago, 7-year-old Konstantinos was quite a shy child... Until the day the little boy's parents decided to enroll him in a martial arts school.

From that day on, Constantine's life changed completely, his psychology improved and day by day he became a stronger child and was no longer the shy Constantine.

In fact, Konstantinos is the holder of a gold medal in pan-Hellenic kick boxing and many other medals from participation in competitions.
And apart from the matches, the floors were now shaking with his dancing skills.

See the images of and the video that is making the rounds on the internet with 7-year-old Konstantinos mesmerizing the audience on New Year's Eve when he stepped onto the dance floor that had been set up to dance zeibeki.


via: Enimerotiko