She gave up TV, left the city: The Mega journalist lives in a container in the mountains, without electricity or amenities

Dimitra Sotiriadou. Without electricity and comforts: The Mega journalist gave up life in the city and lives in a container in the mountains, her new life.

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He gave up TV, left town

This is Dimitra Sotiriadou, a former Mega journalist,
who with the arrival of her pension decided to radically change her life.

5 years ago, specifically in 2018, she decided to leave city life behind

and he went and settled in a container in the mountain without electricity.

The former Mega journalist was a guest on the "Autopsy" show

and referred to today's what many will see as a special and daring way of life.

The Mega journalist lives in a container in the mountains, without electricity or amenities

She lives in a container in the mountain, which has no electricity supply and her clothes are washed by hand, while cooking is done in a wood-fired oven.

Dimitra Sotiriadou decided to make a new beginning, and settled in a family estate in Asomatos Rethymno in 2018. On the occasion of a trip she had made with a friend in the distant 2004

On that trip and while a local was showing her her family's field, the former Mega journalist said:

"barba, I'm going to do something here sometime."

Some years later she implemented this statement of hers,
He also referred to Alpha's "Autopsy" camera regarding its choice not to have a power supply:

“if we shot at night, you'd only see stars.

Nothing else. And I don't want lights either, that's why I don't even have PPC, I have photovoltaics. I don't want to interfere with the natural environment. But I'll tell you something, because everyone's question is how is it possible for a journalist who was a life-long workaholic – from 1984 to 2011 –

to suddenly stay and suddenly want to stay alone in the olive grove?'

Regarding her communication, the former mega journalist stated:

"I had three cell phones, I think my brain has burned out." and now uses a prepaid phone.

The former MEGA journalist described all the details of her life, how she lives and what her real deprivations are, and ended by saying

“I wish they would imitate me, but it takes courage. I consider that the province, the region is the jewel of Greece".

See her interview in detail


via: Enimerotiko