A Matter of Life or Death: The Serious Reason Airplane Windows Have Those Small Holes

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After the conversation that broke out on TikTok, the right person was found to explain to us. Former Boeing 747 pilot.

You've boarded the plane to your destination, you're excited about your trip, you stare out the window until your eyes fall on the small hole at the bottom of the plane window.

And there - fleetingly - the question crosses your mind: “What is this hole? And why does it exist? Is there a reason or is it... conjectural?'

A TikToker wondered about the reasons for the hole in the plane window and raised a lot of discussion, but the right person came to give us the answer.
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A former Boeing 747 pilot, Harrison Murray, who now works for a freight company based at Heathrow Airport. So explain about the holes in the airplane windows…

“Airplane windows are usually made of three pounds (layers) of acrylic. The outside, the middle where this little hole is and the inside. Now, when an aircraft begins to gain altitude, the outside air pressure is constantly decreasing. This is how we need to apply pressure to our plane.
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The difference in air pressure between the inside of the airplane and the outside environment is very high, so this can cause pressure on the window. These small holes allow the pressure between the inner and outer window to balance the situation and not create a problem."

The pilot's claims are supported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which previously told Insider that the "hole" allows for air pressure balance, as well as preventing the window from fogging up or freezing up.

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